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The fastest calender Apps ever.

Infinite longitudinal scrolling

Each of the month calendar is organized in a longitudinal direction and is easy to scroll up and down.

This is absolutely useful for those who want to check the most recent schedule at once.

The calendar is not divided by month so even in the end of the current month, you can view the schedule for the upcoming months efficiently. It makes quicker view with Infinite longitudinal scrolling.

Recommended for people with less schedule

This app is particularly designed for the people who use the monthly calendar view.

It may not be the best if your weekly schedule is full.

Integrated with iOS calendar

The calendar loads data included in the built-in iOS calendar app.

No need for configuring complicated settings. You can use Google calendar or Apple iCloud calendar directly.

Minimum necessary customization

Facebook Pages

Screenshots for iPhone

Tap to view the schedule.

Text size and display area is freely.

Replication function

Easy customize

You can choose any color.

Screenshots for iPad

Handy List of schedules

Excellent list of schedules

Simple customize